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The world’s first global Humanitarian Summit organized by United Nationas took place in Istanbul, Turkey on 23-24 May 2016. In the Summit, many humanitarian problems like refugee problems and the efficiency of the efforts made against these problems was highlighed; experiences was transferred and shared with international society.

In the Summit, over 60 leaders came together with approximately 5,000 participants, discussed today’s pressing humanitarian challenges. The World Humanitarian Summit especially emphasized the fact that all crises and disasters can only be overcome by taking ‘humanity’ into focus.

The participant leaders shared the idea and agreed on the need to reduce and end conflicts through prevention, sustained engagement to reach political solutions, and greater investment in peaceful and inclusive societies.

From the start till the end of the event, the 5 core responsibilities of World Humanitarian Summit were touched upon by the participants for many times:

 Prevent and end conflict: Leaders must assume their responsibility to prevent and end conflict, working to find political solutions to end bloodshed and suffering

Respect Rules of War: States need to respect the rules they have endorsed in   international humanitarian and human rights law

Leave no one behind: Stakeholders must empower and protect the most vulnerable, including women and girls, young people, the displaced and people with disabilities, among others

Working differently to end need: Change people’s lives by moving from delivering aid to ending the need for it

Invest in Humanity: Invest in enhancing local capacities, reducing risk and building effective and inclusive institutions, especially in fragile contexts

Where there is an ever-increasing number of natural disaster; and where there are more than 60 million refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced persons worldwide with almost 80% of humanitarian crises are because of weaponary conflict, we hope that this first-ever made World Humanitarian Summit will pave way for more efficient, sustainable and quick results against humanitarian crisis.  Because, as  President and CEO of World Food Program Rick Leach mentions in his article,

Conflict, natural disasters and public health emergencies do not respect national borders”

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